School & Academy Branding

Designing new or revising existing school and academy brand identities is always an exciting prospect for the team. We work closely with stakeholders, from students and parents through to senior leaders and governors, to get an excellent understanding of the personality and ethos of the organisation before allowing the creative team to start work.

Once a clear brief and vision are in place our in-house graphic designers will start to think about the school logo design elements, colour palettes and fonts, forming complete concept identities for your school or academy branding committee to consider and adapt as you see fit. 

As the foundation of all of your marketing efforts a document which clearly communicates the school or academy brand values is offered as a way to communicate to staff the thinking behind the design and how it should be used to promote the academy or school consistently and effectively.

Whether you are considering a revamp of your existing school logo design, or a complete re-brand of your academy, get in touch with the team to discuss how we can work with you efficiently to create the perfect identity for your school.

Don’t forget that whatever the extent, we are well placed to fulfil additional services from your school prospectus design, to updating your signage.