Proofing Guide

A comprehensive guide to successful proofing!

Your Guide to Successful Proofing

The following guide will help you to mark required changes to your proofs efficiently and effectively. For the vast majority of orders we will now, by default, be sending digital PDF rather than hard copy proofs.

To demonstrate how to mark changes using the intuitive commenting features within Adobe Reader we have compiled the following short guide and video, if you need any additional support or have any queries please don't hesitate to get in touch on 0121 454 9441 or at

Approval Form

The approval form is an extremely important part of our quality procedure. With digital proofs the proof form is incorporated into the PDF proof document itself. Adobe Reader will allow you to complete the digital copy of the form within the document. This form must be completed correctly before we can proceed with production.

Transferring Large Files

If you need to send a large number of files, or large file sizes to us you can use our WeTransfer page to quickly and easily send documents up to 20GB. Find out page at

The video below demonstrates how to use WeTransfer, however now that we subscribe to the 'Plus' version you are able to send larger files without the need to worry about choosing the correct service on the WeTransfer home page.

Guides to Read, Watch & Download



Despite a move towards digital proofing for some jobs paper proofs make more sense. It is inevitable that most jobs will require at least minor changes at the proof stage, marking your requirements clearly is vital...

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I still have a printed proof?

We can still provide a printed proof, however depending on the job there may be an additional charge for this. If you like you can print your own copy from the digital proof provided and mark your changes clearly on that.

+ Do I need any special software?

No, proofs will be sent as PDF files which you can open in the freely available Adobe Reader. This features a very intuitive and easy to use set of commenting tools which will allow you to mark the required changes, you will not be able to make changes to the proof yourself.

+ Can I print a copy and mark the changes on that?

If you prefer you may print a copy and mark the changes on that. Please ensure that you mark the changes legibly and clearly using a highlighter or red pen. To ensure that it doesn't get lost or delayed in the post, we suggest you return it by recorded delivery.

+ How many proofs can I have?

We encourage customers to check that content is correct before sending it to us, so in most instances where amendments are minor and clearly marked only one proof should be necessary. If there are extensive amendments to customer supplied content we reserve the right to levy an additional 'author's corrections' charge to cover the undertaking of this work and for subsequent proof copies. If we elect to send a subsequent proof to ensure that your amendments have been correctly interpreted, but a second proof has not been requested, there will be no additional charge.

+ How do I use the commenting features in Adobe Reader?

We have compiled both video and printable tutorials, both of which are easy to follow and only take a few minutes to view and digest. You can find both in the 'Guides to Watch and Download' section of this page.

+ How do I complete the proof form?

The proof form is included within your PDF proof, it is a digital form which can be completed within Adobe Reader. If you are marking your changes to a hard copy proof you can print and complete the hard copy proof form and reutrn it along with the proof.

+ The PDF is too large to email, how do I get it to you?

We recommend using the excellent free service from for which we have compiled a brief guide and video tutorial which you can find at