Printed School Stationery

Professional high quality printed school stationery helps to subliminally reinforce the values and quality which are communicated visually through your school identity. All too often we see photocopied or laser printed compliment slips and school letterheads communicating important information and lessening the otherwise powerful impact of the brand. 

Position yourself as a prospective parent or job applicant and consider your impression on receiving communication from two schools, one letter is printed from a Word template on a laser printer on standard copier paper, the other is overprinted on a high quality professionally printed letterhead on a crisp premium stationery paper. Which gives a better first impression? Now consider exchanging business cards at a conference, would you rather hand over a high quality bespoke designed card, printed on a premium business card board, or a cheap templated design that you found cheap online.

The costs of our professionally printed school stationery products are certainly not prohibitive, thanks to our in-house graphic design and manufacturing facilities. Get in touch today to discuss your next school or academy stationery order.