Independent School Prospectuses

When designing an independent school prospectus our experienced team consider both how the brochure will be viewed and the impact different forms of presentation will have on the message that it delivers. For example, how we can enhance digital versions of the independent school prospectus with audio, video and other rich media content. In printed booklets, brochures and folders considered design, high quality materials, vibrant print and careful selection of special finishes deliver your school’s message efficiently and effectively, reflecting your brand and ethos.

One of the most valuable aspects of printed marketing materials is the emotional engagement delivered through the sense of touch and the physical connection. To leverage this powerful aspect to the fullest in each independent school prospectus that we produce, we carefully consider how we can use the texture of the document to reinforce the message that is printed within.

Our talented and experienced team can assist with every phase of production of your independent school prospectus, from designing the initial vision and concepts, supporting you if you require assistance with photography, videography or copy writing, through to the final design, production, post-production digital enhancement as well as promotion and distribution.

To start a conversation about your next independent school prospectus project please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.