Digital interactive prospectuses

The need to demonstrate your progressive attitude and differentiate your school or academy, whether at primary, secondary or post-16 level, from the competition has been more necessary than it is today. Delivering your message in a range of formats and encouraging readers to engage more deeply can have huge benefits when it comes to building relationships and receiving applications.

Our digital interactive prospectus and marketing offerings range widely from simple page turners (and have come a long way from basic interactive PDF documents of a couple of years ago), to enhanced versions which feature video and rich media content.

Augmented reality is also an increasing popular way to get prospects to engage and take their investment in your digital interactive prospectus, and your brand, to another level. Making your printed materials come to life offers the double benefit of presenting something tangible which readers can hold and refer back to with another level of communication through audio and video content, animation and links to additional digital and social media content or your school website, with the tap of their phone or tablet.

Talk to us today to discuss your ideas and aspirations to find a digital interactive prospectus solution, whatever your budget.