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Sending Large Files - wetransfer.com

Sending Large Files - Wetransfer.com

Customers often ask us how they can quickly and easily send us files for their school yearbooks, homework planners and prospectuses that are too large to email. There are many services out there from cloud storage facilities such as Dropbox and Google Drive which are both excellent tools, but both require registration and offer storage that you can provide access to, rather than simply sending a file from one user to another. When all that is required is the transfer of a file (or files) we prefer to use the basic free service offered by WeTransfer.com

The following guide should help students and teachers to get started with WeTransfer. Alternatively check out our tutorial video on our YouTube channel or at the bottom of this blog post.

  1. Enter wetransfer.com in your browser's address bar (or follow this link)
  2. On the first page they promote their Plus service which isn't required in 99% of circumstances, click 'Skip' to access the free service (see image 1 below)
  3. Click 'I agree' to accept their terms and conditions and cookie policy (see image 2 below)
  4. Add the files that you wish to send by dragging them on to the browser window or by clicking 'Add files' and browsing your computer (just like adding attachments to an email) (see image 3 below)
  5. You can add multiple files, the successfully added files will appear in a list above the 'add files' button
  6. Add the recipient's email address
  7. Add your own email address
  8. When you are ready click 'Transfer' to start the upload of your documents, depending on the size of the files this could take a couple of minutes, you will need to keep your browser open during this time
  9. WeTransfer will send an email to the recipient with a download link, you will receive a notification email when the file is downloaded